T O U G H - L U X E

H A R D C O R E - G I R L Y 

B L A S É - I R R E V E R E N C E

ARISSA X was established in 2016 by fashion/beauty entrepreneur Arissa Cheo. Each collection tells a story that is inspired by a feeling– evoked by a dreamscape; a song, poem, face, time or place– all while keeping true to the insouciance of the rock n' roll psyche. Stylish yet wearable separates that provide a distinctive edge when put together or reinterpreted and statement jewelry make up our tours de force. With every piece of garment or accessory, we hope to share ARISSA X's heart & spirit in which we believe that fashion is a form of individualistic expression, should always be kept fun, effortless and true to oneself.

An "ARISSA X" girl is neither perfect nor premeditated.